The 3 Best Remedies For Dry Eyes

Nearly five million people within the United States suffer from a condition commonly known as chronic dry eyes. This condition isn’t necessarily life-threatening — though the symptoms can be quite annoying to deal with on a daily basis. While many medical professionals and doctors go back and forth on what actually works to remedy dry eyes, there are a number of known measures that can be taken. We will provide a look into multiple options.

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Artificial Tears

Doctors have the ability to prescribe patients something called artificial tears. These lubricant eye drops are said to help those with dry eyes get instant relief. It’s imperative to talk to a doctor about one’s symptoms. From there, the patient and doctor can some up with an effective plan in combatting many of these annoying and often debilitating symptoms. Additionally, there are a number of over-the-counter products which can be procured at one’s local drug store. These products also can be purchased online.

Most over-the-counter products offer 30-60 droplets. The aim is to relieve the eyes as it pertains to dryness and potential irritation in the form of itchiness and redness. The liquid works to lubricate the eye in a way where it stays fresh. This moisturizing agent can be effective — though it would make sense to contact a doctor before starting on one of these products (just as a precaution).

Home Remedies

For those who want a more natural approach, there are said to be a few ways in which one can lubricate their eyes from home without an over-the-counter product. As most will say, keeping hydrated is key. Drinking a lot of water as opposed to alcohol is said to be better for the body as a whole. Additionally, washing one’s eyelids and lashes can soothe otherwise frustrating symptoms.

Blinking is also something that is said to help from a moisture standpoint. When watching television or using a computer screen, oftentimes the eyes can become strained as a result of simply not blinking. If the air in your room or house is rather dry, a humidifier can help those situations. From a diet standpoint, some reports insist on eating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. Those can include walnuts, salmon, tuna, chia seeds, and anything with flaxseed/flaxseed oil.


Lastly, those suffering from dry eyes can purchase eye masks. Many companies have created their own versions — often using differing mechanisms which can both heat and cool the eye. There are hydrating masks which can be worn when sleeping to help keep the eyes moist. By doing research, the individual with dry eyes should be able to procure an effective eye mask to help with their dry eye problems.

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