The Best Smart Watches Of 2019

With the first Apple Smart Watch Series 1 released in April of 2015, the industry is now flooded with countless models and variations from the likes of Samsung, Fossil, and others. Clever, beautiful, and comprehensive, these products are making many rethink the premise of owning a phone or a conventional watch. 

Apple Watch Series 5

The entire design of the watch is new and improved. According to Apple’s official site, “You’ve never seen a watch like this.” One of the most noteworthy characteristic updates to the watch is it’s customizable setup. Consumers can choose a case and pair it with any band in the Apple studio. Material choices include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or even ceramic.

Like others in the industry, the Apple Watch Series 5 also has a massive focus on health. Users can get a quick read on their heart rate, or check their heart rythm with the ECG app, for example. For those with sensitive hearing, the new Noise app alerts you when decibles rise to levels that can impact your hearing. With advanced workout metrics, GPS, and up to a 50 meter water resistance depth, the Apple Watch 5 is made to help crush fitness goals. It even has an activity ring that helps inspire and promote progress throughout the day.

Apple also went ahead and revamped a lot of features already utilized on the watch. Feel free to listen to the entire Apple music library, including podcasts. The App Store is also now available on your wrist. Soon you won’t even need to carry your phone with you. If you already don’t want to, Apple allows you to call, text, pay or stream all with just your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Galaxy has been making waves lately in the smartwatch world. The Galaxy Active2 is designed to help you learn more so you can achieve more. Just like Apple, this watch goes above and beyond just counting steps and calories. Utilizing this data Samsung offers actionable insights on everything from a users running style to their heart rate.

Boasting a multi-day battery life from a single charge, the Active2 also can be charged from a compatible Galaxy phone with wireless PowerShare. One can also choose to leave their phone at home and perform every day functions right from the wrist.

Customization is also possible with multiple color schemes and materials of construction (stainless steel and aluminum). More so, Samsung has allowed for the watch to work on both Android and iOS, making it easier for Apple users to get a tase of Androids capabilities.

Best of the Best

A number of consumers will rate smart watches based upon a number of different things — including apperance, functionality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

With dozens of brands available these days, consumers have a plethora of options to research and choose from. Do your due diligence before making the final decision, even make a visit to your local store and try a few on.

Image Source: Bean Genius