Why Finding a Job Doesn’t Have to be a Job With These Online Resources

The job market is always a tricky entity to gauge. For many, unemployment is a crippling ordeal. The need for money is clearly integral to overall health.¬†However, there are also some measures one can take to help expedite the process in finding a job. There are job agencies everywhere. By going in person, one can speak to a helpful representative. Some of these jobs may be temp ones — whilst others will be of the full time variety. The interested party will want to bring their resume as well as any references they may have. Duly, one can hire a headhunter to help the customer search for an adequate job in correspondence with their work experience.

For those struggling to find a job, the internet has become a reprieve of sorts. A ton of websites have been created to specifically help people find employment. This piece will specifically speak about three websites in particular with these capabilities.


Indeed.com has long been a trusted site for those in search of employment. The website’s filtering system is quite good. Indeed asks for a potential job title, or even a keyword in relation to the type of work desired. From there, the customer then offers a city, state, or zip code. Indeed will spit out a large list of available jobs in correspondence with what’s been provided. Even further, a handy toolbar on the left-hand side of the page will break down a pay scale with how much each job pays annually. One can filter down the jobs by salary estimate as well as by job type (full-time, internship, part-time, contract, temporary, commission).


Craigslist offers a gigantic jobs tab on its main page. There are a number of different categories from which the prospective customer can sift through. The jobs are listed by the date in which they were posted. Like Indeed, customers can filter down choices through employment type (full-time, part-time, contract) as well as from a mileage standpoint. By staying within a certain parameter, customers can more easily look into jobs within their desired region or area.


Monster.com is a very reputable source for employment. According to its website, Monster has a listing of more than five million jobs available. By creating an account, one can upload their resume with the simple click of a button. It’s then shuttled out to a multitude of different companies in search of someone with your qualifications and background. The site even offers career advice when trying to present yourself as a premier job candidate.

Image Source: The Writer’s Job Board