The Best Summer Camp Options For Teens

As Spring approaches, parents everywhere must brace for the impending summer months. With school out of session for millions across the country, there’s always discussion over how teenagers should utilize their time in the summer months. For parents working full time jobs, the prospect of leaving your precocious (and sometimes rowdy) teenager at home by themselves can be stressful. For those teenagers who operate with solitude, the lack of social stimulation could be damaging. There are also teens who struggle academically throughout the school year. Getting any extra bit of help in the realm of academics could prove to be very beneficial down the line. Others are go-getters with the thirst of wanting more of an academic challenge.

With all of this in mind, why not send your teen to summer camp? There are countless facilities around the country equipped with the tools to help any teenager academically and socially. Here are a few of those options:


SuperCamp is an organization hosting summer programs at multiple college campuses (Stanford, Georgetown, San Marcos). Founded in 1982, this camp helps to give teenagers the tools to succeed in all aspects of life. Working with kids ages 11-18, the goal of empowerment is integral. These teens will acquire strategies for learning inside and outside of the classroom. It includes strengthening social skills — such as leadership and communication. By working in a team setting, strong relationships are formed. Junior Forms (ages 11-13) and Senior Forms (ages 14-18) are offered. The Junior Form is 6 days long — whereas the Senior Form is anywhere from 6-to-10 days long. The minimum cost for this program is $2,495.

Beach Sports

In Southern California, Beach Sports offers camps at a number of locations (Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar) around both the South Bay and Orange County. From June 25th to August 31st, beach camps run from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Campers could choose to participate in blocks of three hours or six hours. Teens can take ecology lessons and/or learn to surf, body board, body surf, play beach volleyball and kayak. Simply put, teens are able to have safe fun whilst also exercising and learning about the ocean. A six-hour per day week will cost $325. For those wanting a three-hour per day week, it’ll be knocked down to $199 (with a cost of $179 for early bird sign-ups).

Berklee Summer Performance Program

For those teenagers serious about pursuing a career in performance arts, the Berklee Five-Week Summer Performance Program is simply fantastic. Students can hone their skills and exponentially improve whilst also earning college credit. These musicians and performers will be getting tutelage from the faculty of the school. This sort of intensive instruction is far from the norm. Teenagers can customize a schedule to fit their individual needs at this wonderful facility. Teenagers from more than 70 different countries come here for this fantastic camp. The program runs from July 7th to August 10th. For those coming out of the area, housing costs $3,675. Tuition itself for this prestigious opportunity is $5,375. The camper must be at least 15 to enroll.

These are only three options in a wide range of camp programs. Some are simple day camps, which could set back the parent a few hundred dollars per two weeks. There are also sleepaway camps — normally costing upwards of a few thousand. It’s up to the teenager and parent to come to a civil agreement on which camp fits their individual interests.

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Image Source: Kit Miniclier/ Getty Images