The Best Lawn Care Maintenance Options

For those with sprawling front lawns or backyards, having a suitable lawn mower is imperative. The machine must be equipped with ample power to cut through thick and sometimes sinewy grass. Duly, there’s something to be said about efficiency, overall price, and even the size of the mower. 

This piece will help those in search of a lawn mower. We will break down ways to effectively pick the proper lawn mower. 

3 Main Types Available

There are three main types of lawn mowers made available to consumers: Walk behind mowers, riding lawn mowers, and tow behind mowers. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Normally speaking, the walk behind mowers are the most affordable of the trio. These are mostly effective for smaller areas rather than more expansive chunks of land. Riding lawn mowers are quite nice — particularly for those who aren’t as mobile.

These options cover more ground, and are more efficient when manicuring a large field or plot of land. However, these can be much pricier when compared to walk behind mowers. Duly, some of the maintenance costs could be rather expensive. Tow behind mowers can be attached to one’s vehicle. This ultimately could cover the most ground — though it may not have the same type of control compared to a mower that one operates personally.


As mentioned above, each item has a variance in relation to total cost. In general, one could procure a walk behind mower for as low as $50. This is normally quite affordable for most in search of a quality lawn mower. However as one delves into other options, things ramp up in price considerably.

Riding lawn mowers (when brand new) are easily upwards of $1,000. Name-brand riding lawn mowers may be even more expensive. With that said, some understand the durability associated with these machines. Essentially, they’d be an investment for both the present and the future.

Tow behind mowers tend to sit in a similar price-point to riding mowers. Moreover, they can also be slightly more expensive (depending upon the brand and outlet).

One’s choice ultimately must come down to the amount of land, as well as the budget with which they’re working with. For an expansive plot, it may make more sense to get one of the more expensive options. When working with a smaller lawn or backyard, the more conventional choice (walk behind) could be the desired option.

Image Source: Tampa General Hospital