Everything To Know About the Keto Diet

Many look to the new year as a signal point for becoming healthier. This includes looking into many of the world’s trendiest fads and diets. To be clear, there’s not one diet that works for each and every person. The individual will have to research accordingly come up with the best personal plan. 

When looking at the health landscape, many are drawn towards the keto diet. We will break down exactly what the keto diet is — including which foods cater to the diet itself. 

What is the Keto Diet?

Essentially, the keto diet is a high-fat diet. This includes the consumption of foods with high percentages of fat. However, the key is to essentially restrict the consumption of carbohydrates. The diet is mostly fat — with roughly 20 percent of protein and approximately 5 percent carbohydrates. 


This diet enables the individual to burn ketones (from fat) rather than glucose (from carbs). By doing this, studies indicate that individuals may see an increased speed in metabolism, an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in blood pressure/heart attack risk, a reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels, and also a lessening of overall hunger. Many beset by epilepsy, morbid obesity, and Type 2 diabetes use the keto diet as a method for success. 

What Can Be Eaten on Keto Diet? 

There are a number of keto-friendly foods one can look to consume whilst on this diet. Seafood in general is chock-full of a number of vitamins. Consumption of fish in general is also associated with a decreased risk of disease, a lowering of insulin levels, and improved mental health. Studies indicate that children on a ketogenic diet experience a greater than 50 percent reduction when it comes to enduring seizures. 

Vegetables are mostly low-carb — though there are some which better fit the profile of the keto diet. One must limit the amount of potatoes and yams, though leafy greens such as spinach are high in vitamins and antioxidants (and low on carbs). Eating these sorts of vegetables — and abiding by the keto diet — could lead to effectiveness against metabolic syndrome and high cholesterol numbers. 

High-fat/low carb items such as seeds work wonderfully for those wanting a quick crunchy snack. Berries offer a sweet alternative, and dark chocolate also also been used in keto dieting. Lastly, meat and poultry are integral foods within the keto diet. Not only does the individual get high levels of protein, but the meat will help when it comes to potassium, zinc, and other B vitamins. 

Simply put, the keto diet has a number of positive aspects for those in search of a healthier lifestyle. 

Image Source: NBC News