Interested in Buying an RV? Here’s a Primer on What to Look For

The possibility to own a home within the United States is getting tougher and tougher. This is especially the case for millennials, young adults, and those who are crippled by a number of financial constraints (college debt) and skyrocketing property prices. This has led to many investing in alternative living situations. One of those includes motorhomes/RVs.

Motorhomes and RVs are generally more cost effective when compared to actual homes. There’s less general maintenance, and one can up and leave whenever they want to a fresh new location. There’s also a sense of adventure one can enjoy with a mobile residence when compared to a stationary one.

This piece will speak about a number of different types of RVs. It’ll also include price points and other miscellaneous bits of information.

Class A

Class A motorhomes normally are the biggest and most expensive. Brands such as Georgetown, A.C.E., Allegro, Coachmen, and Winnebago all offer class A RVs. Camping World is an outlet where people can search for new and used RVs of all kinds. Filtering down the search will show a wide range of Class A options.

Extremely old Class A RVs (from upwards of 20 years ago) can be had for potentially $10,000 to $15,000. For a brand new Class A motorhome, consumers better be ready to pony up the cash. One with all the bells and whistles could set a family back nearly $200,000. However, one also must take into account that each purchase likely includes a payment plan (as if one were paying rent). In some instances, one could procure a 35-foot RV with roughly $1,100/month.

Class B

Class B RVs are usually known as the camper-van segment. Within all iterations of the RV/Motorhome realm, this class is seeing some real growth. Many travelers/campers have become excited by the feasibility in acquiring one.

From underneath the Class B umbrella, two of the most popular options include the Winnebago Touring Coach and the Airstream. The Winnebago brand has a number of vans for consumers to choose from. Era, Travato, Revel, Boldt, and Solis are included as differing vans. Depending on the vendor, used Winnebago vans can go for as low as $50,000. More expensive versions can set back potential consumers upwards of $100,000.

As for the Airstream travel trailers, these are small metal compartments which can be dragged on the back of a vehicle. Of course, they vary in size/length. On the lower end of the spectrum, one can get a new Airstream for as low as $37,000. Conversely, estimates have the upper echelon Airstream trailers registering at nearly $150,000.

Travel Trailer

Over the last year, many metrics indicate that travel trailers were the most popular type of RV. Particularly, the company Jayco is a leader in manufacturing these products. These travel trailers can be small and compact — or large and elongated. They offer varying levels of square footage and storage space.

Something such as the 2020 Jay Flight Bungalow could cost the consumer at least $55,000. A smaller option — such as the 2020 Hummingbird — could be as low as $13,503. This includes space for a microwave, fridge, and a bed (among other amenities).

Fifth Wheel

Directly behind travel trailers in terms of popularity are fifth wheel RVs. Solitude, Montana, Reflection, Cougar, and Eagle are a few of the companies making state-of-the-art products.

Customers will need to do their due diligence in trying to find the best option for them. It could be a used product — or a brand new one. Prices could range anywhere from $33,000 (roughly $240/month) to $100,000 (roughly $560/month).

Image Source: Campers RV Center