Chevrolet Bolt: An Eccentric Option for Chevrolet Fanatics

Are you a prospective Chevrolet enthusiast who is considering a more exciting venture? Look no further. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is the perfect fit for both your daily activities and for more road trip fun. The Bolt EV has superb features that facilitate its user with efficiency and convenience in terms of both its accessories and charging system. The electric vehicle can cover up to 238 miles without the worry of tiresome stops at gas stations.

Chevrolet Bolt EV has expressive proportions with an impressively sculpted body. With it comes resilient wheels which offer a strong and vibrant road experience. Its batteries are independent of air required for combustion and therefore its underbody is designed in an enclosed and flat manner to facilitate a streamlined airway which consequently boosts aerodynamics.
Sometimes stopping at regular intervals for gas refill is tedious; Chevy Bolt has this covered. You can go on with your business all day and not do one thing, stop for gas. Whether your purpose to use this beauty to and from work or run errands, its convenience is despicable. You no longer have to worry about being late or lose time on the road; Bolt EV has got you covered.
In light of having rechargeable batteries, The Chevrolet Bolt can be charged anywhere, and this includes the comfort of your home. It encompasses features such as the AeroVironmentTM Level 2 32-amp EVSE-RS and a 25-ft cord that one can use to charge it. It requires professional installation but once that is done you can do the everyday basics on your own. The 25-ft cord is superior to the 120-volt cord sets. It is capable of charging five times faster and is available for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Bolt EV’s battery is made up of a nickel-rich lithium-ion technology that only came into existence after Chevrolet Volt and has since seen the success of over 127,000 cars today. The Bolt EV comes with the Chevrolet Complete Care which gives its owners a supplementary peace of mind by having the electric component and battery life of 8 years which can be translated to 100,000 miles. One more thing about this is that the owner can be able to know how much energy their Chevy is using at that moment through a provisional screen. It shows real-time information which is valuable to its user and enables them to access specific details such as range estimation, battery levels, climate controls and charge settings. The screen is a standard 10.2-inch diagonal while the driver cluster is 8-inch, both of them being color touch-screen.

Being in this digital era, the Chevrolet Bolt gives you the advantage of accessing all its features through the myChevrolet mobile app. The app gives you various options like the ability to start the car, warm it up, lock and unlock doors, all this when it is charging. You don’t have to physically move because the commands are just one tap of a finger away. The app also ensures that you know the charging status of your vehicle when you are not with it and also gives you the option of finding park reminders and diagnostic information from virtually anywhere. With all these in mind, the Chevrolet Bolt should be your best-considered option.